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Australian guys Chris Wayne and Mike Tyler, both 31, have been doing magic for roughly 10 years now. They only started doing naked magic together two years ago after meeting at a show and realizing that was their calling.

Now they're touring the U. We actually met at a magic function that I was performing at and he asked me out on a bromance date and we became best female. It magician a few years later that we decided to create the world's naughtiest magic show.

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We have a saying in the show that good magicians don't need sleeves, and great magicians don't need pants. The first time we got naked in front of each other and in front of an audience, it was the scariest thing ever.

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Female mean, people have nightmares about being naked in front of a room full nude pussy flash babevideo. But now that we've been doing this for two years and we're standing on stage in front of 1, people with nude to hide, it's the most amazing experience ever. When you're standing on stage naked with your best friend in the world and a thousand people who are clapping and cheering, what other experience is like that?

These Nude Magicians Have Nothing Up Their Sleeve (or Covering Up Their Junk)

Plus, magic is our passion and we get to perform it to some of the biggest magician. Well, I guess magicians have always had that advantage of being able to hide things in their pockets or up their sleeves.

Being on stage doing magic without any of that does add that extra challenge.

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