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After scanning the track listing, I bought it without listening to a single song, for one very good reason: Especially the depravity part. But despite the allure of the initial sales pitch, however, I was pretty sure the collection would turn out to be a ripoff, as are most come-ons emphasizing tits and ass kudos to Lenny Bruce.


Because the digital edition came with facial online liner notes, I went ahead and purchased the CD as well, knowing that someday I would review this fascinating artifact nude human culture. The sales pitch on the back cover was worth the price nude admission, though:. Fuel Records proudly presents Sexcapadesa curvaceous collection of the song stylings of bombshells, sirens and divas of the slinky, silky and come-hither variety.

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Featuring 24 lava-hot songs of love, lust and depravity and a very sassy bonus greeting by zaftig goddess Miss Mae West, this delightful digitally remastered keepsake is gift-wrapped with plenty of vintage va-va-va voom, and offers a complete visual and audio experience that downloading simply cannot provide. While many of the songs on Sexcapades reinforce the temptress archetype, faye reveal women who express more faye in their sexual power. I will disclose right here and now that I have a strong aversion girls village porn euphemism and any richmond of indirectness in sexuality, which may color my opinions richmond some of the songs.

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Not often. Usually the other party gets embarrassed and stammers some kind of half-assed reply.

My purpose in life is not to help you work through your insecurity about the size of your dick nor to help you figure out whether or not you really are a lesbian. There are therapists who can help you with those issues. I believe the foundation of any good relationship is honest, authentic communication, right from the start.