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25 Of The Top Fantasy Books On Goodreads

I chose this month as my fantasy month because I need new worlds, magic, adventure, maybe some blood and definitely some prophecies. What about fantasy Do you need some fantasy Ebony ass stretching fiction in your life right now? Check 18 of the best fantasy novels for adults. Nope, today you can pick these books and finish in one go. This adult Peter Pan retelling tells the story of Peter Pan leaving Neverland ten adult ago, leaving behind his dreams. But when he returns he finds it changed.

26 Young Adult Fantasy Novels You Need to Read in the First Half of 2019

And the romance is books. Get ready to get all the feels when Peter and Hook are together. Certain Dark Things takes place in Mexico City, in the middle of a vampire war between gangs. We have Domingo, a street kid, and the vampire who comes in and saves him, Atl.