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Ethio sex grlis

From toa pioneering ethio programme for young people helped to break the silence about sexual health issues in Ethiopia by bringing taboo subjects to the fore.

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Sexual health is a major issue for young people in Ethiopia, but a lack of access to information and knowledge of the issues as well as some traditional attitudes towards gender and sex make it hard for sex people to make informed choices about their personal health. They thought it meant that she had started having sex.

The shows included personal testimonies, drama, and music - often employing humour to cover a range of sexual health issues from HIV and AIDS to female circumcision, and use of contraception.

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The radio programme has inspired me to discuss sexual and reproductive health with my friends freeunusualpornvideos school and even with my parents" said year-old Sefa Jemal. At its peak, listeners clubs were running across Sex in collaboration with local NGOs. The programme team also built partnerships with Ethiopian schools to broadcast hardcore porn tapout versions of the shows during school break times.

One member of a listening group, year-old Desta, said the show has managed to break the silence and adds that the conversations spread further than the group ethio Thirty public service announcements and mini dramas about a range of sexual and reproductive health issues were also broadcast in Amharic and Oromifa between grlis BBC Media Action trained local researchers to carry out 2, face-to-face interviews and 44 grlis groups with year-olds across Ethiopia.