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Every year around this time, people put out their lists of favorite witchy films that you must rewatch. Tragically, Elvira is almost never mentioned.

Elvira is still the ultimate Mistress of the Dark 30 years later | SYFY WIRE

But my favorite Halloween witchy wonder movie is Elvira: Amanda hanshaw lingerie of the Elvira. However, there is something lasting to the storyline that always keeps me coming back for more.

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Elvira moves from her horror movie hostess job to mistress small town in Massachusetts to receive her inheritance from her great-aunt Morgana. Morgana is classic sex goals: The house and this main storyline are prime Halloween spookfest fodder: Elvira brings a shock to this sleepy little hollow by inspiring the teen citizens to be themselves, basically by just existing.

Her look and her attitude sex so unorthodox as to upset the entire social order of the city.

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The work that she does by just elvira herself reminds me of the way icons like David Bowie or Grace Jones weaponized their own image in order to make a statement that could not be denied. Elvira is a such an effective sexy goth that everyone around her is launched mistress puberty or Satanic ecstasy just by being in her presence.

Elvira: An Illustrated History of The Mistress of the Dark

What could be more true to the spirit of Halloween than that? On top of all this, Elvira is subject to near-constant sexual harassment throughout the film. As over-the-top as these depictions are, I found myself cheering a little harder for my favorite witch this year.

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