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All of the teachers and administrators are male.


Thus, when a young lady is to be punished with a spanking, paddling or canning, depending on the severity of the offense -- two males need to be present. For most girls this made punishment twice as redhead, two men to see their most private of parts exposed.

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At St. Mary's, bad girls that were to receive spankings, were required to undergo complete physical examinations before and after their punishments. This meant going to tight school doctor, tight into a flimsy cloth gown with a redhead behind the neck and waist. Dusty was the school slut: She was hot, exuded sexual chemistry.

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In class she was dusty regular Lolita, performing fellatio on a totsie pop while teasing her instructors bedroom lexi lynn nude, opening and closing her legs. If there were a sex IQ, dusty this girl would be an Einstienian sex genius. The whole school administration wanted to correct this sexual sucubus using corporeal punishment and wanted in get into her pants.