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Way back in I reviewed the site Cosplay Deviants.

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I got deviants deal for 5 bucks because they were having a sale, which they occasionally do. That is still mostly true.

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Basically, girl next door types. There are a few real stand out models on the site like Underscore, Teens tied pics, Freckle, and Ivy. Also, the observation from the last Cosplay Deviants review that most of the models have tattoos is still true.

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I nude on one in the interests of writing an accurate review. Naked dudes are boring and utilitarian.

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There are only 17 videos total. The structure and presentation of the site seems mostly the same since the last time I visited.

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Mostly deviants you get now is more models. I estimated that there are now over galleries of pictures to check out. The gimmick that these ladies are real nerds and cosplayers that also get naked for randos on the internet nude also intact. Wait… why would someone download the images? Bad people will use site scraping tools.