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100 Students Involved in a High School Sexting Ring Could Face Felony Charges

Especially if you happen to live in Colorado. This may come as a surprise, but teenagers are hormonal, have access to the Internet, and teens how to press a button to take a photo. Official surveys have estimated that one in five teens have sent a sexually-suggestive photo of themselves to someone, which is probably an understatement given that studies also say millennials only spend thirty hours a week online, when in actuality it seems more likely that we spend thirty hours a day online.


That would be fine if we were talking about your grandpa who needs you to set up the computer machine, but technology colorado also outpacing laws, which is a huge problem.

Colorado has one of the strangest and most uneven set of laws governing teenage sexuality in the country. That means a year-old can have sex with a year-old with consent. The following page has been marked NSFW.

Why Colorado may require teens who were caught sexting to register as sex offenders

If you are under 18 or in the presence of Jerry from HR, stay away. If you live in Colorado, you have more things to worry naked thailander than nude badly angled dick pic.


Namely, getting arrested for sexting.