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Image by Official Sean Penn.

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Porn star Chyna Jeremy showed up in Crocs and slurped soup next to an elderly man in hot nude dominicans Hawaiian shirt, and Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof wrapped his arm around his sometime-girlfriend, working girl Caressa Kisses.

In between bites of pad Thai and curry, they were hypothesizing what had caused their friend's death. Medically speaking, Chyna died of an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs.

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Her body was found on April News broke the next day, 12 hours before TMZ reported the death of Prince, one of several icons, from David Bowie to Muhammad Ali to Fidel Castro, whose memorials overshadowed Chyna's in the last year. Her afterlife has lacked the obituaries and lengthy journalistic inquiries into her legacy that typically follow a celebrity's passing. In death, Chyna was not remembered as a groundbreaking female athlete, although she was the first woman to compete against men in wrestling creampie WWF now known as the WWE ; became the number-one contender, or runner-up, in the Heavyweight Championship; and twice won the league's second-most prestigious title, the Intercontinental Championship, a feat she shares with icons like Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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No other woman has won it to this day. She did for wrestling what Joan Chyna did for comedy.

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Despite all this, she has been remembered as a funny D-list footnote, Anna Nicole Smith's co-star in her final movie, Illegal Aliens. Kisses cried throughout dinner.

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She had chained a Chyna doll, a tacky toy venture Chyna entered into for money during her later years, to her handbag. She pressed Chyna's cunt, and the doll began spouting off a slew cunt dirty sayings, like "I shaved my pussy!

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