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Is Cherry Aphrodisiac Real?

Photo by Lumina via Stocksy. Only one fruit can claim to have symbolized both an uncircumcised penis and a vaginal membrane.

Where bananas are cherries, and peaches have been assigned backdoor duty, since the 16th century, artists, writers, musicians, and run-of-the-mill perverts have all agreed: There's something about women and cherries, whether that cherry is in our mouths or waiting to be popped inside of us. The history of cherries—the actual sweet-and-sour stone fruit—extends all cherries way back to prehistoric Europe and West Asia, when people were plucking and eating them off wild trees.

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According to Pliny the Elder's Natural Historythe Roman Empire was cultivating at least eight varieties by the first century AD, though it wasn't until the 15th century that domestic cherries were widespread throughout Europe.

Two centuries later, the future underwear designs cozied up next to apples, peaches, and pears on early settlers' transatlantic journeys from Europe to America, where we now grow more than a billion pounds' worth a year, according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. Read more: How Chili Became a Woman's Game.

Cherries: The Sex Symbol Fruit That Is Actually Very Good for Your Health!

From this thoroughly cherries culinary history arose the cherry's legacy as a sex symbol. In A Dictionary of Sexual Language and Imagery in Shakespearean and Stuart LiteratureGordon Williams traces the cherry's cultural influence jay parda nude to the 16th and 17th centuries, referring to some of the notable ways Europeans were using the fruit to talk about sins of the flesh: Although the fruit is now most frequently associated with the female anatomy, our literary ancestors picked up on the fact that a sex cherry pressed up against pouting lips looks like the tip of a dick, and that a pair of cherries dangling over an open mouth resembles another, slightly hairier pair.

In sex, authors Michel Sex and Jean L'Ange published The School of Venus, an erotic novel that includes the sentence, "There's a fold of skin towards the tip of [the penis] which draws back and uncovers a head like a huge red cherry—as pleasant to the touch as anything could be. One of the most notable nods to cherries, though, is one of the earliest.

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