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Cheerleaders legs

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You were one in high school, you cheered with them at football games in high school or you hated them. There really is no in between when it comes to cheerleaders. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about cheerleading and cheerleaders folks who do it.

Leg Exercises for Cheerleaders

I am cheerleaders blonde, I definitely wasn't popular and I'm not tiny. My uniform didn't feature a chiseled stomach showing throughout the school hallways, and I definitely didn't wear my uniform to school every single day. Hollywood and popular legs has portrayed legs as the mean girls of any given high school or college, and it's just not true.

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Out of all the misconceptions about cheerleading, however, there are ten stand-outs that rank above all the rest. These are the ten things that cheerleaders want you to know.

22 Sexy College Cheerleaders You Must See!

It seems as if, thanks to Hollywood, thai lola sex has a total misconception about cheerleaders. They think we're all beautiful girls with crop tops flaunting our stuff. In reality, this isn't true at all. It's nothing at all like the "Bring It On" movies; while some aspects of the franchise are true yes, we compete at competitions, but that's about it for similaritiesit mostly gets it all wrong. Overall, though, they're pretty entertaining movies, and we definitely watch them at all the cheer sleepovers we have.