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Candid bathroom sex

Ladies, I want to address a subject that very few of us have the ability to talk honestly about.

Candid-Teen in Bathroom Sept 2016

I started having sex bathroom my mid twenties and had issues from the beginning. Then I started having dryness issues due to birth control, along with a major loss of libido.

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Then somewhere along the way I began to realize that pain during sex was becoming a normal thing for me. I had maria osawa desnuda upon entry, pain during, candid sometimes bleeding after.

A Candid Discussion About Sexual Abuse In Light Of The Duggar Story

This not only made things awkward for me in bed, but it also created awkwardness for my partner who felt horrible for being a source of physical pain in my life. Finally, I reached a breaking point several years later when I decided to mention this issue to my gynecologist during an annual visit.

The moment I started talking to her, I broke down in tears. You can?!

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Unbeknownst to me, there is a type of physical therapy called pelvic floor therapy which specifically addresses muscular issues women deal with due to our gender. I walked in with the impression that I was messed up and felt silly for being there due to this issue.

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The questions I had to answer about my sex life were candid personal and I remember telling my physical therapist I thought we needed to grab a cup of coffee and learn more about each sex before we started chatting about these things!

Those feelings of embarrassment soon disappeared when I realized: Bathroom initial visit involved an internal exam where the physical therapist tested the muscles of my vagina for pain levels by applying pressure to different areas. Sex single one she touched had some level of pain or tension.