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C students

If we are speaking about the late s, the main purpose of schools was to teach students obedience. As the industrial age students, big corporations and factories needed a lot of workers.

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The purpose of education changed a bit — their aim was to teach students being obedient and compliant workers, who will never take courage to ask questions. The academic system bree mixon a place where all students should be standardized to fit the desired pattern students society. Those who failed the test had to be held back another year to teach and try it everything once more.

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Of course, the society has changed a lot, while the education system in many regions and countries still remains the same. Old-school teachers still give lectures using the same ways as it kornikova naked before.

Why C Students End Up Being More Successful Entrepreneurs Than A Students

Without doubt, the Internet has influenced the way we live now significantly. You can just run through Wikipedia or some other educational websites, or you can even take up some online courses.

There is a great number of programs aimed to provide people with deep knowledge using some innovative and effective methods and taking not so long time. People can even work from their homes.