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Burmese girlsnake

The Burmese, Myanmar - Robert Waddingham

People fear heights because falling could kill them. One way to burmese fear, according to many therapists, is to face it head-on. Which is exactly what this young 19 year-old girl from the Philippines did. Sunshine is deathly terrified of snakes. She agreed to have a snake massage. Photographer Ian MacLean initially brought up the idea when he mentioned that the Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines offers a snake massage service.


As the massage started, Sunshine was trembling. But after a while, she started to feel less threatened, girlsnake the point where she was able to pet them and appreciate their beauty.

Like on Facebook. She even wants to share the experience with her friends. How about you? Would you naked little cunts being massaged by 4 huge Burmese pythons?