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Bridge sex position

The bridge position is an athletic sex position in which the woman makes an upward-facing bridge position, holding herself up with her arms and legs.

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Her male partner kneels between her legs and helps support her hips with his hands. This position requires some strength and stamina on the woman's part, but the advantage is that it gives the position a good view - and easy access to the woman's clitoris, which can be stimulated hinata sex sex more intense orgasms.

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This bridge not a position for beginners and it should only be attempted by couples who are in reasonably good shape. To make the bridge easier and more accessible, piles of pillows or a sex wedge can be positioned under the woman for additional support. Looking for more sex position ideas? Check out our Sex Positions Playlist. Kinkly Terms: Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Couples are going wild for the Bridge sex position…and it puts the woman in control

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