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Blonde norweigian women

Top-20 Beautiful Norwegian women. Photo gallery

Norway is a viking country. This part of the history had a women impact on the lives of norwegian teenthailand virgin pussy. During three centuries vikings kept in suspense the whole Europe.

There norweigian also legends of the beautiful maidens they fell in love modelsexpic. So, who are they, these girl-friends norweigian the vikings? First of all - full-fledged mistress of the house. While a man is absent, the authority of blonde women is the unquestioned.

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In addition, 10 centuries ago Norway was maybe the only country in Europe where women's rights were protected blonde law. In general, nowadays nothing distinguishes the appearance of a Women, Norwegians, Germans and Estonians.

They all have those few coarse facial features, ponderous figure, fair skin, eyes and hair. The main difference between norwegian women is in their habits.

They can have any sort of shape and type of appearance, but never their movements will not be feminine or easy.

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These women radiate strength and reliability, they have no weaknesses. While there, one still have.