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Lizards are reptiles, along with Snakes and Turtles. Salamanderswhich look very similar to lizards, black amphibians, like Frogs.

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Reptiles and amphibians occupy different branches on the evolutionary tree. They have major differences in anatomy, reproductive habits, diet and behavior.

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At first sight the two can be easily confused, but if you understand the differences between these two types of animals you can easily tell which is which. Here are some major differences:. Nute skin is porous allowing them to breathe through it.

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Some species of salamander do not have lungs, and breathe exclusively through their skin. Lizard eggs have tough shells that lock in moisture and protect the developing lizard inside. Salamanders lay jelly-like eggs that do girls lockerroom have shells.

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Salamanders must lay their eggs in water in order to keep them from drying out. Salamanders do not. They hatch into a miniature form of their adult self.

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