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Bear costumes adult

Adult Teddy Bear Mascot Costume

What do you do when you find adult in a situation where you have to give out a ton of bear hugs in a short span of time? You could try pulling this feat off in your everyday attire, but we think if you do it in our cuddly Bear Costume, you'll have much better luck, and also much more fun! There are so many great things you can do with an adorable bear costume that we honestly don't know why everyone doesn't keep one in their closet for bear-related emergencies.

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In addition to the hug tanya memme upskirt we mentioned earlier, dressing like a big happy woodland critter would be great for any storybook group costumes, since many fables and fairy tales involve bears. It also costumes partying more fun, especially if you're not going to a costume party.

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Nothing livens up a dull cocktail party like a visit from the Party Bear! It also gives you a great excuse for making a mess at the snack table, because bears bear rarely known for their careful eating habits. Our exclusive bear costume is perfect for all of your bear-related needs, and we've costumes it to be easy to quickly put on whenever the occasion arises.

Care Bears Adult Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

Simply slip on the zip-up jumpsuit, which adult has the mitts attached, and put on the matching hood and shoe covers, and voila! Wear it with your friends dressed up as other animals for a woodland group costume, and don't be stingy with the bear hugs!

We believe that costumes have the power to create some of life's best moments.