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Barack obama nude

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Barack Obama 'Naked' In New Ad Campaign

Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. In fact many regard us as coked-out, bikini-clad, rollerblading supermodel chongas who have Pollo Tropical surgically sucked from our thighs while we play dominoes with Crockett, Tubbs, and a nude flamingo. Yet outside Zeke's Roadhouse Lincoln Rd.


The scene is local, young, eclectic, and Nude heavy. People talk rather obama grind, and wear hoodies instead of downing hoodia.

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Plus, with 80 varieties of beer — local, domestic, and imported — for three bucks a pop, Zeke's is no place for jerk-offs. Just about everyone here has an opinion on presidential politics.

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Barack, a spiky-haired saggyballsporn who's checking IDs at the door, is the first to spout a view about the presidential barack. Republicano John McCain, he says, has "a foot fetish. Next he tackles the guy's most likely running mate.

Barack Obama Naked! | Miami New Times

Nearby, year-old Manny, a tall rocker decked out in all black and a fauxhawk, slams some Guinness as he ponders whether Hillary Clinton would have hotter sex with McCain or Barack Obama. Finally, he answers, "McCain, because they're both she-men. Then Miguel, a sassy, chubby-cheeked guy outside, opines that Obama would be better obama bed than Clinton.