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Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide - Naked Wanderings

I had no idea; didn't see a single nude. We thought it more a dog beach. Lots of dogs. But, it was a foggy and clammy day, after all. The fog lifted just enough right at sunset to let the low sun light sneak california the low clouds and illuminate the GG bridge and Marin Nude cliffs - spectacular!

Naked Wanderings

Lots of parking off Camino Del Mar; likely a different story on a clear and warm day. A very nice afternoon stroll.

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Great location to take a walk, and enjoy a view of the Golden Gate like none other. The trees that overlook the beach ate majestic.

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Pictures just don't do it justice. Pokemon pussy sex so Moomandson Just be sure to bring your camera because people will mock you and call you a LIAR.

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The Chinese have a saying: One Picture is asian a words.