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By Dailymail. Instagram star and professional poker player Dan Bilzerian has become an Armenian citizen, and registered for military service in that country as required by law.

Bilzerian, who has gained some 24 million Instagram photos with his frequent posts of guns, pics clad women, cars and marijuana, celebrated by 'training' with Armenian soldiers.

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Blizerian is seen gif sex horney a copy of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenian after becoming a naturalized citizen of that country on Monday. His father Paul is seen right.

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Bilzerian shared this photo of his new Armenian passport armenian his 24 million followers. The Instagram star celebrated by firing a bazooka with members of the Armenian military. Video from his trip shows him firing various heavy machine guns and flying in what appears to be a military helicopter. It is unclear whether Bilzerian, 37, will actually join the Armenian military. A post on Twitter said he was planning to fly to Thailand imminently.

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Pics male citizens of Armenia are required to perform national service or face criminal prosecution. Bilzerian courted controversy last year when he thong video of himself in amateur teen moon immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas concert shooting in October. Bilzerian is seen firing heavy machine guns in Armenia thong becoming a citizen on Monday. When critics accused him of being a coward for running, he posted a bizarre video of himself begging a police officer for a gun in the aftermath of the shooting, in which 58 died.