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When Al-Juhara Sajer first began posting videos on YouTube, the response from girls and young women in the Arab world was incredibly positive.

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In the past five years, a growing number of women in the Middle East have been making waves on YouTube. When Sajer, who uses the nickname Jay online, started girls YouTube four years ago, she quickly became frustrated because she could not find any Arabic-speaking women from the Middle East.

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The women she found on YouTube, while fun and interesting, discussed a life that was unfamiliar to her. So she started her own beauty channel.

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But Sajer said she also had a lot of men telling her to quit because YouTube wasn't "the place for a girl. When she first started her channel, Sajer was nervous to show her face, because there weren't many Arab girls on YouTube at that time and she was scared of the reaction.

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Her beauty channel now has almostsubscribers, while her travel channel hasHer most popular video, a five-minute hairstyle tutorial, has been watched more than 3. It gives us a platform to talk about that. Although Hayla Ghazal began arabi YouTube channel as a place to talk about beauty gif fashion, she quickly discovered her audience enjoyed her light-hearted comedy videos more.

So she started playing different characters, doing caricatures and making woman masturbation of cultural stereotypes in the region.