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Xxxkartena kaif final stint, which started in Paris and wound through cities almost too numerous to mention, spanned almost two years. Then, this summer, I quit.

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The industry demanded a geographic flexibility that was initially very exciting. I lived, notionally, for a time with a boy in San Francisco. There was the couch in rich girls teens freezing Bushwick railroad, and the extended Stuyvesant Town housesit. It became apparent to me early on that a lot about the fashion world does not, on its own terms, add up. Fashion has industrializedand deeply fetishized, its production of newness, but every photographer I ever worked cute would inevitably give, un-prompted, at some point during the shoot, his What-We-Lost-With-The-Death-Of-Film eulogy.

Early adopters these people are not: I left Sydney in November.

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I had to get used to living however, and wherever, I could. Like in a tiny Washington Heights studio. Milan was a single room in a long-stay hotel with a hot plate, a bar fridge, and two other anonymous. Because the industry keeps even its marginal players endlessly occupied, modeling bored, there was always plenty of time to think.

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