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Magazine article Herizons. Did you ever have one of those days when you look like shit and you feel like shit and then someone gives you like a minute dosage of attitude and you think, "Well, it should just be legal to kill this person? To all the little-butted, skinny people in the audience, I apologize in advance.

All I can say is that you should all just be grateful that I'm here today and beyond that, you should be thankful that I didn't come here nude.

Angry Naked Woman

Because let me tell you, as of late I am getting closer and closer to angry nakedness. The next time you see me I'll just be a pissed-off vagina.

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This past Wednesday at Toronto's Women's Bathhouse, when I looked around at all the naked bodies, what I saw was not an erotic display, but a practical option in a world where finding anything above sexy strip webcams size 12 is like finding a virgin at a university dormitory. I spent six hours yesterday scouring Toronto for a decent outfit that would fit over my thighs and I came to three conclusions:.

This city chick hot, it contains no changing rooms bigger wildschool sex my cat's litter box, and it's hot.

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I hate all salespeople and blame them for the part they play in pushing a line of clothing that only fits a small fraction of the population even if they aren't the ones who make the clothes, I blame them naked.