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I think this is the heart of the matter.

I Can't Get that Penis Out of My Mind | HuffPost

Who knows - maybe this millennial generation will be the first to destigmatize sex work, or tween least sex shaming, in some way. After all, this is the generation that is growing up with the technology that has made it so easy to take nude pictures, and to have those pictures inadvertently shared with others. Without getting too personal, SOME of them have. Some will never fully recover.

Material girls: Japan's preteen model boom

Meth is some fucked up shit. And you ARE taking place in this discussion…though… That entire "guess, guess!

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Aw, and I thought we were actually doing very well. Sorry, just being silly. We have talked about this, I am a bit of a prankster, but I am neither mean, abusive, or nude. And I hope to learn something from the real granny amateur here, even if I am a little silly.

Material girls: Japan's preteen model boom | The Japan Times

I apologize. Even in serious conversations I ameture enjoy a touch of levity. Your mileage may vary.