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American hardcore band

But, even in the hardcore underground, there were plenty of bands who were weird and unique yet still considered part of the scene; some of which made this list!

Top 10 Hardcore Punk Bands

This list only refers to American bands. I have a soft spot for the Exploited, G. American bands always seemed a bit more intelligent and creative. Here ethiopian teens sex a few runner-ups.

There were plenty more but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head. It was pretty hardcore coming up with just 20 but, alas, it had to be done. Actually T. Bassist Mike Band and drummer Todd Barnes make a solid, speedy rhythm section and the band create a fun soundtrack for breaking into american local cemetary and digging up a few graves.

America's Hardcore

Jack Grisham also pretty much confirmed that he was a HUGE dickhead in the early 80s, apparently slicing kids ears off with the spur on the back of his boot when he jumped atop the crowd. I guess that matters not anymore since this is about the music.

The Meatmen — Stud Powercock: