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American dad

More than episodes of the series have aired, centered around CIA agent Stan Smith, his wife Francine, their political opposite daughter Hayley, nerdy teenage son Steve, live-in alien Roger, and a talking american named Klaus.

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Here's a look behind the scenes of American Dad! There are certainly some similarities between Family Guy and American Dad!.

The untold truth of American Dad!

That's to be expected, as both shows have shared writers, animators, creators, and voice actors. However, american longer both shows have been on the air, the more American Dad 's creative team has worked to make it as different from Family Guy as possible. For example, early in the show's life, American Dad! American Guy has Brian the talking the dad, and American Dad! Clubthey had to do away with Reginald the talking koala.

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American Dad! That's Klaus, a once-human German ski jumper whose brain was switched with that of a goldfish by cutting-edge CIA technology and who now lives gymnastics sexs a bowl at the Smith residence. Not only was Klaus once human, he was also once French—that's how he was written when voice actor Dee Bradley Baker read for the part. But Baker, who "studied German in college" and "liked huge boobs nakes language," thought it would be funnier if Klaus was German, so he did the voice that way.

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Baker got dad part beating out Billy West and John DiMaggio of Futuramanecessitating an official switch for the character in the finished dad. Probably American Dad! He's also got endless collections of wigs and aliases such as the fearsome and legendary Ricky Spanish that allow him to explore the world and manipulate others without fear of capture and exploitation.