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Adult hood

Adulthood begins around 20 years old and has three distinct stages: Hood stage brings its own set of rewards and challenges. Figure 1.

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Physical declines of middle and late adulthood can be minimized with proper exercise, nutrition, and an active lifestyle. By the time we reach early adulthood 20 to early 40sour hood maturation is complete, although squirt wet pussy height and weight may adult slightly. In young adulthood, adult physical abilities are at their peak, including muscle strength, reaction time, sensory abilities, and cardiac functioning.

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Most professional athletes are at the top of their game during this stage. Many women have children in the young adulthood years, so they may see additional weight gain and breast changes. Middle adulthood extends from the 40s to the 60s Figure 1.

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Physical decline is gradual. The skin loses some elasticity, and wrinkles are among the first signs of aging.