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Adis sex film

S ex has always been the touchiest of subjects for Indian cinema, but Aids ought to be a Bollywood film film dream.

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It ticks all the right storyline boxes: But while it might seem a wonder there aren't more all-singing, all-dancing Extrmekream adis on the subject, the notion of Indian films depicting the risks of unsafe sex seems as detached from reality as a typical Bollywood plot, in adis people have sex while fully clothed, drenched in monsoon rains beaneath a waterfall or - a recent occurrence in Bollywood movies - in private swimming pools.

But four new shorts - Migration, Blood Brothers, Positive and Adis, produced under the umbrella of Mira Nair's Aids Jaago Aids Awake film project and directed by some of India's leading film-makers - have started looking at sex teens sex realplyer its attendant dangers in a different way.

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In these films, Indians, married and unmarried, gay and straight, poor and posh, have tender, troubled, even hungry sex - but with the warning that when it's unprotected it could lead to HIV and Aids. The films deliver their message with varying degrees of subtlety.

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Two are more like stylish public service announcements than movies. Nair's own Migration follows a farmer who is forced to find work in Mumbai and brings home a nasty souvenir, while Vishal Bhardwaj's Blood Brothers is about an advertising executive who may have traded in his perfect life for an unprotected one-night stand.

30 Films About HIV/AIDS Everyone Should Watch

Positive, by Farhan Akhtar, plays with the kitsch Indian imagery of family film, using some of sex lovely, bright school pictures of rosy-cheeked children and their happy, hard-working parents. But Santosh Sex Prarambha The Beginning is the most engaging film the bunch; it stars Prabhu Deva seen as India's Michael Jackson for his dance moves as a trucker who gives up unsafe sex and becomes the unlikely champion of HIV outcasts. Sex knowingly packed with every Bollywood cliche - from the cute, kohl-eyed orphan, through comic baddies, to a terrifically implausible finale, all set to music.

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In 12 minutes, it manages to be the perfect Bollywood film.