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Startup League. Ting Charlottesville. Fireside Conference. Wordcamp Miami. WordCamp YYC. InMotion Hosting, Inc. Ting Sandpoint. Startup Canada. Women in Leadership Foundation - Toronto. Get googleMapsApiKey from here 3. You should add your domains to the list of allowed domains to use this API key.

You may also try to use another API key to check if this solves the problem. If you are running builder under Apache server then most probably. In case you are using nginx server then you need to additionally configure builder: If this action results in error then it means that license synchronization fails and cannot be synchronized with your builder. If error message do not help to fix this issue by yourself then create ticket in support system and describe this problem.

Another reason of this error can be the fact that one of your customers or more are using dedicated IP for his account which is not listed among your license s. You need to add such IP s to the license as well or move such customers to a shared hosting IP. Builder cannot be accessed directly by URL, for example: It can be opened only via public demo URL which you can find you your brand or via builder plugin installed on hosting panel.

If in case of error URL of page contains part similar to "? You need to delete it and install plugin anew using plugin installation guide link from Enterprise license. Please check builder files owner and group. If you extracted builder archive from SSH terminal being logged in as root then you need to chown files to a correct user and group.

To fix this problem make builder manual update. Possibly some directives like "Options" or "DirectoryIndex" are not allowed by your hosting and it ends with error Please check if this file exists and that the new output is written once you get error According to error you can determine what causes this error to happen.

To insert Bing maps to the site builder you have to do the following steps: Insert "bingMapsApiKey" line anywhere in config. Get bingMapsApiKey from here 3. Make sure that you clicked "Save" button in your Enterprise license after builder installation. If you clicked it and builder is still throwing error "Authorization required" then take the following steps to fix it: Make sure they are the same as specified in Enterprise brand.

Click "Recheck" button in Enterprise brand to see if the problem is gone. If method 1 did not help then try this: Only for Enterprise license: Add parameter or edit if it already exists "useSecureFtp": Check if publication works.

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In order to download auto backup of some builder website you need to know website domain and construct path by that domain: Here we assume that domain is "example. Specified folder will contain backup files with extension ". You can take one of these files and restore it in builder as a simple website backup.

If you have googleFontsApiKey entered in your builder config. Please make sure that: In that case builder will use google maps API key for google fonts. In order to migrate from Enterprise builder license to Premium license you need to take the following steps:. Un-install current builder plugin from hosting panel s. You can notify your clients about temporary builder disabling before plugin un-installation. The whole process can take up to 1 day we migrate data only on business days!

Create Premium license in Site. Choose desired cloud builder server in Premium license and setup builder domain. Configure DNS settings for chosen builder domain so that it pointed to specified cloud builder server. Archive folder data which is located in web root folder of Enterprise builder installation preferably "zip".

Contact us in the ticket and send us link to archived zip folder. Wait for our response in the ticket when we restore archived data in chosen cloud builder server as well as transfer remaining days of Enterprise license validity to Premium license according to price difference between Enterprise and Premium plans.

Install builder plugin on hosting panel s using installation guide link from Premium license. We recommend you to create ticket before you start doing specified steps.

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It would be useful for us to know the size of "data" folder so that we better knew how much time data restoring can take. The error occurs when you update builder domain field in Enterprise brand, especially protocol from "http" to "https".

The plugin does not know about changes and still calls old builder domain which may not work or act properly. To fix the problem just re-install plugin following installation guide in your brand or direct link. Possibly you have a pretty old version of plugin installed on cPanel server. It does not include functionality of automatic adding FTP accounts if needed for publication.

Re-install plugin following installation instruction in your license you need to uninstall and install it again. This should fix the problem. Problem occurs when site builder cannot create FTP account when opening builder from cPanel. To fix this problem you need to ensure that you have not exceeded limit of FTP accounts in your cPanel account.

Delete unused FTP accounts. There may be old FTP accounts left which were created by builder and not used anymore they are of type "a1b2c3d4 yoursite.

As soon as you have space for at least one FTP account the website publication should work. Without it publication may not always work. To solve this issue call this command: Take the following steps to fix this problem: Login to cPanel server per SSH; 2.

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If you want to delete this file though cPanel file manager initially you may not see files starting with ". To fix this click button "Settings" in top right corner of file manager page and check option "Show hidden files dotfiles ". Delete FTP accounts of type "a1b2c3d4 domain. Login to WHM; 2. Find customer with problem on "List accounts" page; 3. The reason of this error is that your builder domain is not working.

Once you configure DNS for builder domain and domain starts working this error should go away. Even if DNS is already propagated and builder domain is working it may not be resolved on your cPanel server due to some reason for example server has not gotten new DNS configuration yet.

Users think this product is suitable for e-merchants who are:. Данный модуль предлагает вам:. Навигация Упрощение пользовательского поиска на вашем сайте. Добавить "Display of the second picture and attributes in hover" в корзину вместе с:. With this module, your products without inventory will automatically turn off without any action on your part. So your customers will see more products that can not afford or are empty!

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Чем раньше вы её приобретёте, тем дольше вы сможете ею пользоваться! Что нового в версии 3.

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Ether Creation exists since Partner and specialized PrestaShop for over 5 years, we offer multiple services from the creation of your shop to the development of modules with a large catalog related to all domains. Есть вопросы? Нужна помощь? All the best for your plugin and have a nice day. Best plugin for adding hover effects to your images. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники: Участники Labib Ahmed.

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