Moving from shared hosting to vps

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Dedicated Server. Moving to a Different Server Location If you wish to move to a server located in a different region you must follow these steps: Accessing Your Hosting To access your web hosting, go to your hosting management dashboard.

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Adding Additional Domains to a Multi-Domain Shared Hosting Account Please complete these two simple steps to add additional domains to a multi-domain shared hosting Changing the Domain on a Single Domain Hosting Account Single domain hosting accounts can only host one domain name at a time, however you are not stuck Products and Services.

Help and Support. For more information, see the WordPress codex. Справка VPS и выделенные серверы Мои серверы. VPS и выделенные серверы Мои серверы Справка.

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Go to https: Log in to Parallels Plesk Panel as admin. Enter the following: Domain name — coolexample.

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IPv4 address — Select the IP address you want to use from the drop-down menu. Repeat password — Enter the FTP password again.

How to Migrate WordPress from a Shared Hosting to a Cloud VPS

Click OK. Connect to the new server using the FTP information you just created. FTP Questions. How to move an addon domain from one cPanel to another.

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Download the content of your addon domain to your local PC. Backup any associated database s.

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Upload the content of your addon domain to this new folder. Restore the database backup s into the new cPanel. If the old and new cPanel are on the same server, go back to the old cPanel and remove the addon domain from under the Addon Domains icon.

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You do not need to delete the original content or original databases. Go to the new cPanel and click the Addon Domains icon. Enter the addon domain name where it says "New Domain Name".