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I advise staying with your current registrar to keep things simple. You can also shop around for better deals, but don't fall prey to companies like IDNS. The wholesale cost of a domain registration varies by domain.

What To Do With The Internet Domain Name Services Scam Expiration Letter 💌

The most popular top level domain is. Each one of these top-level domains have different annual renewal rates. You may find some companies offering super discounted rates, but be careful because they have strategic upsells and place.

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Typically after the first year the annual rate will go really high. IDNS fits bill for their guidance. These are all great points when it comes to owning your name online. Flycast mentions trademarks, but you should also be aware of online copyright. This is a simple process that involves some legal and markup processes and coding.

Another thing you should make sure when you are registering a domain is to make sure you are the owner, not the registrar.

How To Avoid Scams When Selling Your Domain Name

Sometimes they will own the domain and 'lease' it back to you. I saw this practice a lot in the s. How do you purchase a. How can I find recently purchased domain names? How do I purchase a domain name on MarkMonitor?

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Where can I purchase a. How soon after a domain name expiry date can you purchase the domain name? How do I buy a domain name? What is the simplest way to purchase a domain name? So I looked at the price of the domain appraisal services that are out there, including the one Fred suggested to me. This would be on top of the fee he said he gets for hunting down these great domains for his clients.

My Experience With a Domain Sale Scam

Only you as the owner can obtain the certification. It will increase the value of your domain and will become your own property. Sooner or later you will have to order it or you risk no to sell your domain. He is a professional investor and cannot proceed without the certificate from a source he knows and trusts. I understand your concerns and doubts. I talked to him and he confirmed his intentions.

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I worked with him before. He is a reliable buyer. I checked the domain appraisal services, and none of them asked for information that required proof of ownership, meaning anyone could purchase it for any domain.

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